work races burglary
This ain't a soup kitchen, buddy! Come back when you have some cash!
Here's how things are going to go: Either you turn around right now and get the hell out of here, or you get maced! Your choice!

Orders Filled Correctly:

0 out of 80!

Lunch Rush!

I've got a line a mile long out here of angry, hungry customers, dying for man-nuggets!

And let me tell ya, these wiggly little freaks ain't gonna deep-fry themselves!

So, don't just stand there, net up and get started before these customers rip the place apart!


Once the orders start rolling in you need to click each man-nugget in the EXACT ORDER I give you or you're fired! Got it?!

If you get backed up, CLOCK OUT TO FREEZE THE ORDERS ONCE, and get caught up!

Just don't forget to clock back in! Now get cooking!

You Bum!

I oughta fire you right now, but we're swamped!

It doesn't make any freakin' sense!

I really don't know what to do here. You tell me!

Well, Well!

Look at the big dipper on this guy!

I never thought you had it in you to go 8 hours without blowing it!

Now, if that paycheck starts burning a hole in your pocket, come see me at the track!

If not, I'll see you tomorrow!

Pick Your Winner! Green Purple
Blue Orange
Place Your Bet!


You're just in time for the next race!

As you can see, our plump little man-worms are all coked out and ready to roll!

So grab yourself a whip and place your bet, and we'll be on our way!

Your Man-Worm:

Your Bet:

There You Go!

Now, crack that whip to get those little bastards moving!

And I'll tell you right now, you're going to have to whip them more than once!

The Results:

The Bottom Line:

Whoa there, buddy! I don't know you well enough to start offering credit! Keep your bet amount within your budget, mm'kay?
Enter numeric characters only in the bet box, pal.
Looks like you're all tapped out, pal. Maybe there's something we can work out to keep you in the game. Are you interested?
househousehousehouse house house house house house house house house
When the red bar goes away... do you... FOR LIFE!
Yo, Degenerate!
Listen Up!
Hey, pal, how are you supposed to start burglarizing if you haven't picked a house yet? Click on the house you want to rob, and then we'll get started.
You woke up the owner and you got shot, sucker!
Somebody saw you creeping around that house and called the cops, and now they're on their way! Why not just ring the doorbell next time?!
Hands behind your back, scumbag! I don't want you trying to block these taser hooks!

This is the End Game Screen